This is a minor issue and can easily be solved on your own without requiring the assistance of any tool. The following is a step-by-step guide that will help you to better understand how to do it. Enable PDF thumbnail previews in Windows Explorer – In order to enable thumbnail previews in Windows Explorer, you need to set a default application for PDF files.

  • Connecting them to a laptop is similar to that of an iPhone or iPad.
  • This is a common problem people face when learning how to connect AirPods to PC.
  • This is the Preview Pane feature that was recently updated in the Windows Explorer.
  • Click “Attachment and Document Previewers” and make sure that “PDF Preview Handler” is checked/unchecked in the open window list.

A white flashing LED on the AirPods denotes that the AirPods are in charging mode. A post-graduate in Biotechnology, Hemant switched gears to writing about Microsoft technologies and has been a contributor to TheWindowsClub since then. When he is not working, you can usually find him out traveling to different places or indulging himself in binge-watching.

During its 26th flight on Mars, NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter photographed the landing area and debris from the Perseverance rover’s successful landing on Mars. The detailed aerial photos will help engineers with future missions to Mars. NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope’s optics are fully aligned after completing its seventh and final step in the extensive process.

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One of the biggest features missing when you pair them with Windows is automatic ear detection. In other words, your music won’t automatically pause when you take an AirPod out and resume when you put it back in your ear. Now with your AirPods in their case and the lid open, press and hold the button on the back of the case until you see them show up in the Add a Device window. It’s worth noting that you can’t use Siri on your AirPods while using it with a Windows computer, since that requires an iOS device or a Mac. If you own AirPods Pro, you will still be able to switch between noise cancellation and transparency modes, as those features are not limited to Apple devices.

You’ll need to changed your ‘Open with’ to SOLIDWORKS Launcher. Did any of our readers notice this change, and do you download msvcr120_dll here prefer the new look? Otherwise a repair reinstall of ACA2014 is required, and ACA2014 should be run the first time after that “as administrator” under the User’s Windows log-in.

Google Chrome’s development team is working to add a screenshot editor to the in-browser screenshot tool. The feature is already live in the Canary build of Chrome, but is hidden … © Moneycontrol Fortnite makes comeback on Apple devices thanks to Microsoft After a long hiatus, Fortnite is back on the iPhone, thanks in no small part to Microsoft. Fortnite hasn’t been playable on the iPhone and other iOS devices since 2020 when the company took on Apple and Google over … Once AirPods are paired with Windows 10, they should work flawlessly with YouTube, Netflix, Skype and other Apps.

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The lights on both devices will flash quickly and slow as the pairing is completed. Once your AirPods have been connected to your iPhone, you can customize the AirPods settings to your liking. The AirPods are a new wireless headphone that Apple released. They work with all the latest iPhone models and the newest iPad Pro. The AirPods are designed to be able to connect easily with Apple products. However, some people have found that they can’t connect their AirPods to their Acer laptops.

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Some time ago, Apple eliminated the audio jack on the latest iPhones, continuing with the AirPods model generations and the introduction of AirPods Pro. Nowadays, such headphones are everywhere, and one of their benefits is the ease of synchronization with iPhones. However, they can also sync with other Bluetooth devices as long as they have standard Bluetooth headset support. Apple has done all this for generations to go wireless.