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Koby simply answers that a “voice” in his head has disappeared. He notices how the Marines are continuing to attack, even after completing their original goal of executing Ace. Doberman commands the Marines to beat every last pirate down, Akainu once more stating that they cannot allow the “evil known as pirates” to exist. All around the world, reporters report on the demise of Ace and Whitebeard as the audience of Sabaody looks on in shock.


In fact, you may watch all of the earlier anime episodes that have already aired. This helps to support the anime’s producers and American publishers. JustDubs is a popular website for finding English-dubbed anime videos on the internet. This website has a large amount of anime and animation content.

  • The character designer for Golden Wind is Takahiro Kishida, and the animation director is Shun’ichi Ishimoto.
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  • It’s a complicated story that asks tough questions, which resonates with many viewers.

Catarina dismisses Geordo’s kiss as a dream while her friends become overprotective to prevent Geordo from seeing her. Meanwhile, Larna is revealed to be Susanna, who is a master of disguise. The Stuart brothers talk about their past where Alan, who was sick as a child, had to be cared by their mother while the others were raised by servants. As a result, Geordo became cold and indifferent as their mother was not there for him while Alan grew insecure and resentful due to everyone always comparing him to Geordo. But thanks to Catarina’s influence, she help mend the relationship between Geordo and Alan.

Episode 3

This anime is the example enough to where i think Naruto and Bleach failed to convey a really captivating profound storyline. Actually you could also say that HxH is the mature version of these two shows i just mentioned. The music score is likable but seriously, where the hell is the tension or atmosphere building? Half the time there isn’t even background music, and the other half usually doesn’t feel in unison with what is going on in the plot.


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